Florent Georges

ID Description Role
expath / file-saxon EXPath File for Saxon. Author
expath / http-client-saxon EXPath HTTP Client for Saxon. Author
expath / xspec XSpec, the BDD framework to test XPath-based languages. Author
expath / zip-saxon EXPath ZIP for Saxon. Author
fgeorges / calabash-basex BaseX XProc steps for Calabash. Author
fgeorges / cxan-website The CXAN website. Author
fgeorges / docbook Schemas for DocBook 5.0. Maintainer
fgeorges / docbook-xsl Stylesheets for DocBook, with namespace support. Maintainer
fgeorges / docbook-xsl-nons Stylesheets for DocBook, NO namespace support. Maintainer
fgeorges / functx The famous FunctX library. Maintainer
fgeorges / fxsl The famous FXSL library. Maintainer
fgeorges / pipx The PipX library of steps for XProc. Author
fgeorges / serial XML serializer in XSLT, to text and HTML. Author
fgeorges / xproject XML Project Manager. Author